A 'Hairy' Discussion

According to Inforum.com, a Fargo school board member spoke about "Furries" in Fargo schools. Jennifer Benson said some students informed her that other schools in the United States have litter boxes in their restrooms. Fargo Public Schools denied the existence of litter boxes and claim they will not be adding any to their restrooms.

If you're wondering how and why this was brought up, the Inform article states there are 'Furries' at Ben Franklin and Carl Ben Eielson Middle Schools in Fargo and also some in West Fargo and Moorhead. Are they... or will they be asking for representation?

What is a "Furry"?

If you don't know, a "Furry" is an individual who identifies as an anthropomorphic animal. It's basically a fandom, or subculture with an interest in animal characters with human characteristics. It's said to be a lifestyle. Those who identify as a "Furry" wear tails and take on different traits of a given animals.

Will this trickle down to Bismarck?

To my knowledge, there haven't been any discussions of this nature at our schools in Bismarck. But.. could that be coming? Is there a growing community here?

According to CNN, the 'Furry' Fandom continues to grow across the country. The report states the number of those who identify could be as high as 1 million people.

My question:

If, in the future, different businesses and schools did start to move to be more inclusive to 'Furries' and installed litter boxes, who would be cleaning them? Will individuals clean up after themselves, or would that fall onto custodial/janitorial ... umm... 'dooties.'





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