Kinda Scary.

37 Bismarck locations have been flagged with solids in their tap water and the city Public works rep mentioned that magnesium metal anode water heaters are the culprit.  They are reacting with the drinking water at high temperatures causing the solids.

According to KFYRTV:

Workers recommend making sure you have an aluminum water heater, putting your recirculation pump on a timer, turning the heater down and flushing out your system after taking those steps.

The city will hold an informational meeting open only to the residents of the 37 locations affected.

The meeting will be on Tuesday, June 4th at 5:30 at the Public Works Building on 26th Street South.

If you want to report a location having a similar problem, call 701-355-1700 ext. 1.

It's good that they have identified the problem.  I could imagine what people would think if they saw that in real time especially in restaurants that use a great deal of water on a daily basis.

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