A very sweet lady from Bismarck has had a good couple of weeks.  July 4th she won $10,000 dollars at Prairie Knights Casino in a random Sunday drawing.

Friday, June 16th, Karen said "good bye" to her working career as she retired from her job at Cenex in Mandan.

If you've been to the Cenex on the strip in Mandan over the last 5 years, there's a good chance you've been greeted by a "hello, how are you?" or "how's it going today?" by this very nice lady.  I simply know her as "Karen" by her name tag.  You see, I'm a creature of habit like most people.  I have my daily rituals and one of them is heading over to the Cenex across the street from the station to get my water for the day and assorted snacks.

Karen is one of those employees who you hope is working, when you walk into the store.  Her warm smile and genuinely caring heart really stood out.  She would really brighten your day.  Karen made a point to really get to know her customers and make them feel special.  Something you don't see a whole lot anymore these days.  Her grumpy co-worker Fred (Just kidding Fred), also told me Karen won $2,600 dollars that day at the casino playing penny slots too.

What's crazy, I had no idea that Karen had even won all that money until a co-worker sent me an article from Prairie Knights Casino.  That sounds about right for Karen.  You could tell she's a very humble lady.  Karen, probably didn't want anybody to make a fuss about her.

I sure hope the $10 grand gets your retirement off to a good start Karen.  You deserve all the best, and I will miss our interaction at Cenex.  You truly made a difference in peoples lives.



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