On May 5, 2021, Netflix released a four-part documentary called The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness. The documentary dives into journalist Maury Terry's theory that convicted serial killer David Berkowitz's killing spree, from 1976-1977, was not a one-man operation. SPOILER ALERT: In episode two of the documentary, we learn that one North Dakota city was connected to the case.

I had previously heard that there were possibly more people involved in the "Son of Sam" murders, but I had no idea that one of those alleged others had ties to North Dakota. Sam Carr was the owner of the dog that David Berkowitz claimed "instructed" him to kill. Sam and both of his sons, John and Michael, were believed by Maury Terry to be involved with the murders. Six months after Berkowitz's arrest, John Carr was dead, from a gunshot to the head, in his girlfriend's home on the Minot Air Force Base. There is debate on whether his death was suicide or murder.

Why was John Carr from Yonkers, New York, in Minot? In the 1970s, he was working on the Air Force Base as a mechanic, but would sometimes travel back to New York during the timeframe that the murders happened. The conspiracy is that Carr was a part of a "very violent" Satanic cult in both North Dakota and New York. Maury Terry believed that Carr ended up dead because of the potential to be connected to the "Son of Sam" murders. The Netflix documentary shows original interview footage of Ward County police officers stating that they were sending information about Carr to New York, but that they were not being taken seriously.

There is so much to this story that you will have to dive into the rabbit hole yourself and sift through the details to form your own conclusions on the conspiracy surrounding the "Son of Sam."

Do you think John Carr and his family could have been involved in the "Son of Sam" murders?

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