A friend of mine, a fellow co-worker said it best "Who doesn't like pizza? I'm serious...!"

So do you call it a pizza, or a pizza pie? A lot of the "old-timers" refer it to that, as a pie. Either way, almost everyone that I personally know likes pizza - If you ever had the chance to visit New York then you know how picky they are with their pizza. The typical pizza out there is on the thin side. Once again I asked my friend ( who is from New York ) to explain to me in detail what an authentic New York Pizza is.

"Thin doughy crust - flexible - most people fold their slice in half and eat it like that..."

Now that I can imagine, I have seen that on TV all the time, in movies and such. My friend said that REAL New Yorkers are serious about their pizza - with a thin doughy crust, he said that it's pretty common you'll see people folding their slice in half and eat it like that.

You can experience New York here in Bismarck

I "found" this place just last week - brand new to me, even though New York To Go - at 820 43rd Ave NE #124 - first opened here in Bismarck in 2019. I love the inspiration behind this cool eatery - Holly and her husband Duane were visiting New York when they had a slice of pizza at a local spot - the food was so good they came back for another slice - eventually, Bismarck was to gain for this married couple to open up their own pizza joint  -

New York To Go Facebook
New York To Go Facebook

It's no secret that pizza is a personal choice, what I mean by that is...

...everyone seems to have their own favorite style - thick, thin, extra cheese, you get the idea - but there are many that have never experienced AUTHENTIC New York-style pizza - Holly told me on the phone that BisMan customers have made it a ritual to keep coming back, not only for the great food and charming atmosphere but for the fact that they are treated like family. The "Twice-a-week- eaters are many at New York To Go. One thing you will notice right away when you first walk in is that everyone that works there - LOVES IT - some of the staff have full-time jobs outside of this place -but look forward to their time in taking care of others, and that's a huge compliment to Holly and Duane. Treat others ( their staff ) like you would treat your family.

No doubt you'll be humming "New York, New York" after your second slice of pizza!  It's a common tune you'll hear from their regular customers ...:)


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