'Tis the season for miracles. And you're about to see one.

This gruesome video of a cyclist hit by a passing train in Poland in November will make you wince. But your shock will soon give way to relief because somehow the man on the bike, who was brought to a hospital, did not suffer any serious injuries.

If that's not a miracle, we don't know what is.

As you can see in the video, the man, who was sober, ignored the barrier that was in the down position and encountered the speeding train. The train tossed him about 12 feet and if you look at the hit from a different angle, you can see he actually got smacked by the side of the train instead of head on, which may have caused fewer injuries.

The man suffered another hit, too -- in the wallet. He was fined $135 for ignoring the do-not-cross signal.

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