According to a post on the Stadium Sports Bar facebook page, they are closing their doors Tuesday, August 4th, (Today) out of respect for their customers and employees until they can get their staff tested.  The post said this will only be temporary and not much more was added.  It's not known if an employee currently has tested positive for COVID-19 or not.  The popular sports bar went on to say they will be taking precautions to ensure their establishment is safe for the community to return.

No doubt this will continue to be the norm with businesses for the foreseeable future.  We've had a big uptick of late in coronavirus cases in Burleigh and Morton counties.  The Mayor of Bismarck just issued a statement, that he is recommending everyone to wear a mask in public.  We had 149 cases of COVID-19 reported today in the state of North Dakota.  Burleigh County had the second most cases in the state with 29.  Morton County had 11 cases reported today.  6,933 people have so far contracted a disease in our state of North Dakota.  Almost one percent of our state’s population.

I know if felt weird for me to wear a mask into a bank today and ask for money.  They even gave it to me, and I'm not in jail.  lol  My bank doesn't require you to wear a face covering but it's highly recommended.  I have a Minnesota Wild face mask and they play tonight against Vancouver in the playoffs, so I said why not?  I did it for good luck anyway.  I guess I won't be watching the game at the Stadium Sports Bar tonight.

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