According to an article on Valley News Live both Target and CVS have added themselves to a growing list of businesses nationwide to require face masks before entering the store.

I spoke to an associate at the Target Store in Bismarck and he confirmed that customers will be required to wear face masks in Bismarck in the near future.   I also spoke with an associate with CVS Pharmacy in Bismarck and she told she wasn't for sure on the exact date, but believes it will be this Monday, July 20th.  That would make sense, since both Walmart and Sam's club will start their face mask mandate this coming Monday.

So its getting to the point it doesn't matter if Governor Burgum orders a mask-face covering mandate or not in North Dakota.  Major retail and other businesses are all moving that direction.  We'll see if local businesses also start to implement a face covering policy?  I think as long as we continue to see a spike in coronavirus cases across the country, you will continue to see this.

And, don't be surprised if the Governor did move to a "mask order" in the state of North Dakota.  Especially with Montana just implementing one and most people believe Minnesota will order one soon.  Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota is on the record saying he is considering it.  Plus, most major cities in Minnesota including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, Rochester and Mankato have all implemented or intend to implement a face mask ordinance.



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