The Bismarck School Board has announced its intention to hire more teachers over the next two years..

The Bismarck Tribune says the board came to an agreement this week to hire twenty-eight full-time teachers and staff members, and twenty-two more after that, over a two-year period.

The total cost of the hires has yet to be determined. Superintendent Jason Hornbacher said the board will talk about the cost later this year when they set the budget.

Board members say the hiring address a number of issues, including overcrowding, mental health concerns, bullying and classroom safety.

Superintendent Hornbacher says the plan is to add the positions across the board in classrooms, including special education, over the 2019 - 2020 school year.

"There's a definite need in this community and in this school system for this help," said one board member. Another added, "I think it's really at that breaking point."

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