Pretty hard not to turn our head and gawk when we see a really unique car buzz by us on the road. Some of these cars on this list you may never see in person. They are different in there own make and model. A poll among  AutoExpress readers produced these 10 cars as The Top 10 coolest cars in the world. What grabs our attention is different from some opinions, you may love the sleek, sporty, extremely fast looking rides, while others fall in love with the reserved distinguished vehicles. Regardless of styles, the one thing that is obvious all these cars have in common is they are quite expensive. What a blast it would be though to test drive all of them.

For now, we can only daydream of driving off into the sunset behind the wheel of a red Porsche 911 - OR revving the engine of an Audi Quattro at a stoplight while some goofball challenges you to a drag race sitting in his beat-up junker. I think though the one car on this list stands out alone - Yes MY 2001 Chevy Impala - goes 0-60 in about six and a half minutes. For more on these amazing cars click here.

Coolest Cars On This Planet


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