Some ideas to help you not to tailgate people with your car in Bismarck.

In a town with virtually no traffic, there shouldn't be a reason for you tailgate someone. Then again it's hard not to when the person in front of you is going 20 mph in a 45 and is in the fast lane.

That of course happened to me this morning for my ENTIRE COMMUTE!  As therapy for that experience, I figured I'd give a couple of ideas that might help pass the guy/girl and avoid tailgating him/her in the future.

  1. Turn on the left signal: A polite way to tell him/her that you need to pass. If the slow driver is half alert they would see the signal in their rear view and move.
  2. Flash the high beams: A little more aggressive approach. If they are half aware they would see it in their rear view mirror and take the hint.
  3. Honk the horn: Now you're officially belligerent to them. The best way to handle them now is damage control because they can do a number of things to you . Flip the bird, sporadically hit the breaks, yell at you or hopefully get out of the way.

If all else fails and they still do not get the hint, a good way to get their attention is by buying a bag of plumb tomatoes at the grocery store and pelting the car every 5 minutes or so (just kidding). 

No one likes a tailgater and No one likes to be tailgated, so please be mindful of other people on the road.


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