My question is, are they all connected?

I'm certainly not a police officer or a detective for that matter, but the rash of break-ins we've had lately makes me wonder if somehow they are all connected. Just recently there were two incidents that happened literally within yards of each other  -AND the way they were carried out were almost identical. Doors smashed in to obviously make a quicker entry - these burglaries took place over the span of a weekend, just a week ago - The first one was at Eat Thai Cafe along Riverwood Drive, business was quickly restored after they boarded up the door -

Google Maps
Google Maps

then a stone's throw away, across the street, not less than 24 hours later the China Town Buffet was broken into - same MO  ( Modus operandi - no that's NOT a Chinese entree ) - pretty much the same way, smashing the glass and to get in. In both of the robberies, there have been no arrests made so far.

It doesn't take a genius ( and that definitely rules me out )... put two and two together and see the similarities of the crimes, and just yesterday morning right down the street yet another restaurant was broken into. According to "Police say a Bismarck restaurant was broken into Monday. Thieves entered Lucky’s 13 Pub at around 5:00 a.m. According to police, the burglars forced entry into a door and office and stole numerous undisclosed items" - unlike the others, apparently, there are some leads that detectives are actively pursuing - Let's hope an arrest/arrests are soon and that if they are all related that justice is served.


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