I've said it before, I love the four distinct seasons in North Dakota and there is no doubt, summer is my favorite season in the Peace Garden State.

Insider.com recently publish a list of the best thing to do in every state during the summer months. There is something to be said about the summers months. Here in Bismarck, we have close to 18 hours of daylight in late June, July and part of August. That's a lot of daylight to do a lot of outdoor fun.

When I first starting to research the list from Insider.com, I started to think about some of the fun activities we have in the state during the summers months. I was wondering if I could guess what was on the list for the state.

Could it be the North Dakota State Fair? Let's face it, food on a stick and lots of rides and live music under the stars, the state fair is real country fun! But, that was not on the list. Medora musical? Maybe the Mandan 4th of July? Nada, none of these.

Remember, this is the BEST thing to do in the summer in every state. That means, there is only one item listed for each state.

Here it is, according to Insider.com, the best thing to do in North Dakota during the summer is spending the day biking on the nations longest biking trail. That would be  the Maah Daah Hey Trail. The trail offers much to see in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park including the Badlands to the prairie.

You can see the best thing to do in every state in the summers months here.

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