released the best main street scene in every state. You know, the cutest and best main street and business districts that have so much to offer.


With the holiday shopping season upon us, sometimes, some of the best "finds" will be in small mom and pop shops on Main Street USA.

I have a few of my favorites which I'll share with you a bit later on. The criteria Cheapism used was towns with a population of less than 90,000.

The North Dakota town that made the list is about 2.5 hours from Bismarck. Lisbon, ND, in Ransom County. (South of Valley City) With a population of just over 2000, Lisbon offers a theater and an opera house, cute eateries and of course many shops to shop.

My favorite little towns to shop would be Garrison, ND. Especially during the Dicken's Festival, ADORABLE! I also enjoy Harvey, ND. After all, Harvey has a Pizza Ranch right there on Main Street. Medora, downtown is in the top 5 for me also. Again, anytime of year, the small shops of Medora offer plenty and an historic hotel on Main St.


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