So the Big One Arts and Craft Fair was originally scheduled for April in Minot- but then moved to May 22-23. .Now, it's been cancelled. For years, this seasonal art fair always brings in big crowds. The type of crowds that probably wouldn't choose to be gathering  soon anyways. I'm not saying "senior" and I'm not saying "mature", but, folks like me-getting AARP invites in the mail, should be a little less likely to jump in a crowd.

The Norsk Hostfest showed incredible vision when they cancelled their October 2020 event on MARCH 18TH 2020! As I recall, that was at the very onset of the increasing North Dakota cases and someone must have come to the conclusion that all the people world wide that usually attend the Hostfest wouldn't be coming. I think they were right.  .

Now, Grand Forks cancels their County Fair. Truly, all major/minor gatherings have to consider the restrictions regarding their events and balance what in the world to do?. Will my generation and those before me come out to these events?

Heck ya we will!

I hope to see Billy Idol at the North Dakota State Fair!  I've been waiting to see the band Collective Soul for years. Fans of those bands have AARP invites!  Plus, I need a big ol' Italian from Ye Olde Sausage Shop in front of the fair beer gardens.

But it's not my decision,  It's the hardest financial/traditional/impact full decision that events, venues,and festivals have to make. Of course- all sorts of sports as well...from the Pro Leagues to McQuades to your dart leagues.

Click for the BIG PICTURE!

Godspeed to all event planners. Everyone stay well.

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