Earlier this week, I posted about my favorite North Dakota State Fair concerts. As a teenager and all the way through college, I would go to every concert I could. I couldn't wait for the State Fair. I would stand in line for hours to be able to touch my favorite artists from the front row. That's not all I love about it. I have many fond memories with my friends and family at our great State Fair.

My family and I always loved to eat the giant fried elephant ears and drink the sweet lemonade. Oh, and you have to buy a pass to ride the scariest (and sketchiest) roller coasters. You also can't forget about the games, animals, go-carts, and vendor shopping. Am I forgetting anything? The North Dakota State Fair is the place where some of my best summer memories were made. But could all of our summer fair fun be ruined by the Coronavirus?

We would like to think that we're moving forward and putting this awful time in our lives behind us, but it seems like we're not entirely over the effects of Coronavirus. Especially because we're still seeing cancellations and shutdowns all around us. Now, the closures are coming for the fairs in our state.

According to the Grand Forks Herald, yesterday (May 5), the Grand Forks County Commission unanimously voted to cancel the Grand Forks County Fair for 2020. It was set for June 17-21, but now, it's not happening. I mean, is it really shocking? After all, it can't be easy to enforce social distancing at a fair.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it feels like we may need to forget about our summer plans for 2020. Is anyone ready  to give 2021 a try yet? I am.


My Favorite NDSF Concerts

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