The 'City of Bismarck' has its own mobile app available for smartphones, tablets, and hand-held devices. Yes, for the city of Bismarck, you can actually say, "There's an app for that."

According to the Bismarck Tribune, the new mobile app makes it easier for residents to connect with the city. There are several features for the new app, such as gaining access to meeting agendas and being alerted with emergency information.

Bismarck Public Information Officer Gloria David mentioned that the app allows for easy access to the most-used items on the website, especially for those that are constantly 'on-the-go'. For instance, you can potentially have quick access to paying your water bill through the app.

The app also features quick access to the city's social media accounts, job openings, maps, and others.


The app is available for both the iPhone and Android. To learn how to download the app, click here.

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