Remember when the Tooth Fairy would pay a quarter or a half dollar? Well, maybe it was a dollar? Visa has published a report with the amount the Tooth Fairy is paying these days.

Visa reports that the Tooth Fairy is not paying as much as it used to but still paying more than a decade ago.   According to Visa, the annual Tooth Fairy survey is based on a phone survey of over 4000 people from early in the summer of 2015. Here is the break down-

  • 2013- $3.70 per tooth
  • 2014 - $3.43 per tooth
  • 2015 - $3.19 per tooth

Families who make less than $75,000 a year, the fairy leaves $3.07 per tooth under the pillow, families who earn more are averaging $3.46.

And the Tooth Fairy pays more in the Northeast at $3.56 while the South gets $3.07 per tooth.

How much us your Tooth Fairy paying out these days?

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