Morton County police are recommending a new phone app that proved useful in the recovery of a missing New Salem boy.KXMB News says the CodeRed App played a part in the quick discovery of the two year-old child when he wandered away from his home last Thursday.

"You know I can't say how long it would take otherwise you know," said Morton Sheriff Kyle Kirschmeier. "But obviously this speeds up the whole process of what we are doing instead of going door to door with law enforcement or those types of individuals you now have everybody notified of what is going on and this is a case where it worked out very well."

the police recommend the app for families, and those concerned with weather emergencies, as a supplement to government programs such as Amber Alert.

The app is designed to warn residents about missing children, as well as extreme weather and other emergencies.

For information about the app, click here.

[Source: KXMB News]






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