Have you ever tried Airbnb? I do a lot of traveling especially during the spring and summer months on my motorcycle and I started using the service about 4 years ago and I am a true Airbnb-er.

I'm sold on the service and I have stayed at some very cool places using Airbnb. Then, I have some friends and family say "how can you stay in someone's house?

Readers Digest has recently published a list of the coolest Airbnb in every state and lucky for you and me, the coolest rental is located in Bismarck.

I've seen this place, and it's gorgeous. It is a split level ranch home, recently built and offers enough room for 11 people with rates starting at low as $45 a night!

If you search local hotel rates, you'll be lucky to find a single for less than $80 a night at a nationally branded hotel.

Every time I travel to Sturgis, I have used Airbnb. When hotel rates during rally start at a low end of $125 a night at a budget hotel and can sky-rocket to over $300 a night, I have never paid more than $75 a night for very nice accommodations during rally in South Dakota.

More recently, a co-worker went to Minneapolis for the Super Bowl and ended up using Airbnb, found the up-stairs of a house, during Super Bowl weekend for about $100 a night. What a DEAL!

I'm a member of Hotels.com, but before I book, I always check Airbnb for a cheaper rate and nice accommodations. I have never been disappointed.


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