You know how when you turn down a street you think, "I wonder how many other streets in this city start with this same letter?" No? Well we're going to tell you anyway.

We decided to analyze all of the streets in Bismarck and found which letter is used to start most of the street names.

The most popular letter to start a street name in Bismarck is the letter 'S.' Now of course this includes any street that begins with the word 'South.'

There are a total of 154 streets in Bismarck that begin with 'S.' Of those 154 streets, 33 streets start with the word 'South.' Even if those streets didn't exist, the letter 'S' would still be the most common.

If you think the second most common letter used would be 'E,' 'N,' or 'W' for the East, North or West streets, you would be incorrect. The second most common letter to begin the name of a Bismarck street is the letter 'C.'

There are 110 streets in Bismarck that begin with the letter 'C.'

Only one street in Bismarck begins with the letter 'X' and no streets begin with the letter 'Z.' Below is a full breakdown in alphabetical order provided by

- 49 streets
- 84 streets
C - 110 streets
D - 37 streets
- 72 streets
F - 36 streets
- 29 streets
H - 53 streets
I - 14 streets
J - 9 streets
- 26 streets
- 42 streets
M - 64 streets
- 80 streets
O - 18 streets
P - 52 streets
- 2 streets
R - 53 streets
S - 154 streets
T - 35 streets
U - 2 streets
V - 21 streets
W - 90 streets
X - 1 Street
Y - 6 streets
Z - 0 streets

There are a total of 1,234 streets in Bismarck. There are 95 streets that begin with a number. This article is brought to you by the number 26.

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