After seeing that couple with the caramel apples- I'm starving for some fair food!

The Missouri River Festival starts it's annual 10 day run on Friday July 10th. The Mighty Thomas Carnival once again brings over fifteen rides to the burning pavement outside the Bismarck Event Center.


Just look how thrilled this kid is when he sees the Zipper Ride is there!

The Zipper, in my opinion is the only ride that matters. They lock you in a cage and spin you really fast. You're thrown upside down so much that all the change in your pockets fly out and and you almost lose that taco-in-a-bag you just ate. The Zipper has it all! including the scariest part of all- looking over and thinking maybe the only thing keeping you away from asphalt impact is a cotter pin.

In case you want to go on another ride, there's a ton of adult rides like the Pharaoh's Fury, Thunderbolt and the Wacky Cowboy Coaster.  Tons of kids rides too! Check out the list here.

Can the Missouri River Festival replace Billy Idol singing White Wedding on stage at the North Dakota State Fair? No, no it can't.  But grab an elephant ear, snow cone, Italian sausage, Mini donuts, corn dog, cotton candy- then see if anybody else wants anything.

It's a chance for tweens to flirt among themselves while wearing outfits I sure dad didn't see sneakin' out the house.

It's a chance to laugh, smile, and have fun.

You might even win something playing a carnival game!  It could happen...

we'll see you July 10-19.

Here's my pal Kori B's favorites! (disclaimer- her "all time" favorites...some may not be at this particular event)

My Favorite Carnival Things


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