There are three major metropolitan areas in North Dakota that are recognized by the Federal Government. Which one is the worst?

As North Dakotans, we think of there being more than three metro areas in the state. In addition to Fargo, Grand Forks, and Bismarck, there is also Minot, Williston, and Dickinson.

But the Federal Government recognizes under 400 'Metropolitan Statistical Areas.' (MSA).

Business Insider looked at all these MSA's to determine the most exciting and most boring ones in each state.

To determine this, they looked at the amount of breweries, art dealers, museums, and over 60 other categories and the cities with the most amount of these were the exciting cities. The ones with the least were the most boring.

So with that in mind, you may be able to guess the result. Not shockingly, the most exciting city in North Dakota is Fargo.

Grand Forks was the most boring Metro Area. Some would think that with Grand Forks having UND and more specifically UND Hockey, that would propel Grand Forks on its own to be better than Bismarck.

But nope. Bismarck is better than Grand Forks.

And according to elementary school logic, Bismarck is actually the best because first is the worst, second is the best, and third is the one with the hairy chest.

So there you have it. Bismarck is the best even though it's second.

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