Let's pretend we're rich and bougie. Let's take a look and see how some of the highest earners in our state have been living.

It's A Fun Game

It's fun to peruse realtor sites and see what's on the market, even if you have no interest in buying, or are nowhere near financially stable enough to buy. -- Hi, that's me.

Let's Find Out For Funzies

Ever wonder what mega-mansions might be scattered across our great state? I looked at Realtor.com to find some of the most expensive and highest-priced homes on the market right now.

Your eyes will surely bug out of your head once you see some of these homes. You almost have to laugh a bit at how insanely huge these places are. I looked at a couple and as nice as they were, I could honestly say I'd never want to live there. If it takes me 10 minutes to walk from my bed to my fridge, I'm out.  --I don't need that kind of stress and exercise.

Here You Go:

Here's a list off some of the biggest homes in our state. Get ready to feel jelly.

North Dakota's Most Expensive Homes

Here are the most expensive homes listed in North Dakota right now.

That's All Folks

There you have it; those are the top 6 most expensive homes listed in North Dakota right now. There are many more mega-mansions out there, but I had to stop looking; I started to feel a little sorry for myself. Hopefully this only gave you a mild tinge of envy.

Here's the real question: What do people who can afford these homes do for a living? How??


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