As I was making my annual trek to Minot from Bismarck on Highway 83 for the state fair over the weekend, it got me thinking how boring of a drive this stretch of highway is.

I remember not very long ago, you could not even purchase fuel after a closing time on Highway 83. Fortunately, a couple of places now have pay at the pump after hours.

Outside of that, Highway 83 is a very bring drive.

This got me thinking, what could be the most beautiful and scenic drive in North Dakota. After all, our state has many straight and flat highways and roads.

In the warmer months, I do jump on my motorcycle and discover a few new roads in the state, but, none of which strike me as beautiful. Of course, my comments are subjective. You may find the drive on 83 very beautiful.

US World and News recently published the most scenic drive in every state and for North Dakota, this would be located at the largest body of water in the state. Devils Lake. The Devils Lake Loop is the most scenic drive in the state according to USW&N. The popular tourist attraction offers boating, fishing and camping.

I'm now going to save the location in Google Maps and take a whip on the motorcycle and see it for myself.

In your opinion, where is the most scenic drive in North Dakota?

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