A lot of famous people have come from North Dakota and we as residents can be proud of that. But Playboy Magazine has spoken and wants us to know who we should be embarrassed about.

Playboy Magazine looked at musicians state-by-state to see who is the most 'cringe-worthy' (SFW) in each state. Certainly musicians like Peggy Lee we can be proud of.

However, Playboy Magazine says that rapper Wiz Khalifa is someone North Dakotans should not be proud of. Khalifa is from Minot.

Khalifa has had many popular songs and isn't generally that embarrassing.

There was an incident involving Khalifa that involved him being restrained at an airport for riding a hoverboard but things could be worse. That incident is cited by Playboy:

It’s not that Wiz is necessarily a bad rapper. It’s just that you really don’t want the most recognizable and well-known musician from your state to be arrested in an airport for refusing to get off his hoverboard.

If Wiz Khalifa is the worst thing to come out of North Dakota, I think we've done alright for ourselves.

*EDITORS NOTE: All of the links in this article are completely safe for work. Of course playboy.com will end up being in your browser's search history (I am now guilty of this) but all pages are 100% appropriate for people of all ages and any kind of home or work environment. 

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