One of summer's sweetest treats returns to stage this summer in Medora!   Always described as the rootin'-tootin'est, boot-scootin'est show in the Midwest!  The Medora Musical is playing daily at the awesome outdoor amphitheater starting Friday June 19th!  Forget about the "new normal" this is a heaping helping of "actual normal"!

Not only is the musical packed, with singing, dancing, and comedy- there's a rotating group of variety entertainers featured throughout the season.  Every show wraps with a reenactment of Teddy Roosevelt's famous charge up San Juan hill.  Then get ready for an explosive firework finale!  How could it get better? Before showtime, put on the feedbag for a trip to Medora's famous Pitchfork Fondue.  Partner, It don't get much better than that.

Sure it does...

The Medora Musical is just a piece of the beautiful picture that is the North Dakota Badlands. Staying in Medora, the Chateau De Mores is a must see trip through history.  Built in 1883, the mansion features 26 rooms and much of the original furnishings.

Golfers, you absolutely must play a round at Bully Pulpit Golf Course.  Doesn't matter if your partner plays or not- jump in a golf cart and enjoy a course that starts in the low lands, but the last nine holes are playing butte to butte.  It's really breathtaking!

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Theodore Roosevelt National Park was selected as the most beautiful park in the state.  Nothing against our other fine parks- but TR is the tops.

Go horseback riding, hiking, biking, and by goodness- GO SEE THE MEDORA MUSICAL!

thank me later.

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