You have to admit it, we have some pretty bad drivers in North Dakota.

People that never learned how to use a blinker.  Drivers who didn't know you can turn right on red (as long as there's no sign restricting it).  People who regularly drive 10 to 15 miles UNDER the speed limit, I love those people.  The driver who's first at a stop light but doesn't pay attention when the light turns green (you have a civic duty to pay attention if you're first in line).  The annoying driver who doesn't use his or her cruise control on the highway, and you end up having to pass them over and over, and I won't even get how clueless everybody is at a roundabout.  YIKES!

Well, those are minor in compared to what I'm going to tell you.

Our friends at Smartasset came out with their "States With The Worst Drivers 2021" addition.  Their 5th annual study was based on data including Driving Under the Influence arrests per 1,000 drivers, fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven and percentage of insured drivers in their states.

In the article, North Dakota had a monumental jump in it's annual survey. 

It went from #20 to #2.  That's right, we are the 2nd WORST state for driving, and not for the reasons stated above.  Much more serious.  Nobody has more DUI's per capital than North Dakota.  A staggering 8.68 per 1000 drivers.  We also rank very high in the country for google searches on speeding tickets.

The only state worse than North Dakota was Mississippi.  All of our border states around us faired much better in their survey.  I say we send everybody back to drivers school in North Dakota, and try to get it right this time around.


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