The University of Mary is looking to add a new sport to their list of athletics. The Marauders will hopefully have a hockey team come 2018!

According to the University of Mary's website, the University is pursuing the possibility of having a hockey team in 2018. Their athletic director, Dale Lennon, made an announcement on Friday, September 15th, that U Mary has agreed to pursue a men's hockey team.

We use the word 'pursue' because it has to technically get approved by the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). ACHA has 408 teams which includes three divisions.

Dan Huntley, a three-time National Junior College Athletic Association Coach of the Year, is expected to head the program.

If everything goes as planned, the University of Mary will have a men's hockey team of 25 in September 2018.

This will be an exciting addition to the Bismarck area as hockey is such a beloved community sport.

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