Technology gives us the ability to make massive changes in merely moments.  I think it's safe to say North Dakota's No Hunting signs are about to go the way of the phone book. Lost in the sands of history..

keep out sign

Back in 2019, a pilot study was authorized by the North Dakota state legislature.  The idea being- what if farmers and ranchers could electronically "post" their lands instead of having to put out and maintain no-hunting signs on their property.  I read about it months ago and thought it was interesting, but maybe too much of a technological challenge to be feasible. As it turns out it will be really super simple to implement.

Attitudes on the other hand will take years to change.  People, I don't reckon it's going to be years.  My money is on months.

This isn't like electric cattle fence surrounding your property.  There's no lasers shooting across miles of prairie (although they could).  Nope, it's pretty much how your phone knows where you are all the darn time.  Science right?

So the pilot program began in three counties scattered across the state- Ramsey, Richland, and Slope. The idea is, as a landowner your property would be in a grid (which thanks to eyes in the sky it already is) and through use of a handy app, you could designate portions of it or all of it no hunting.

I'll let someone in the comments explain why this is a bad idea.  I've done a lot of hunting, and searching around for signs is a pain. With the app, you'd know where you were going before you left the house or on the map you printed. Plus, there would be contact information in the event you wanted to plead your case to the landowner.

It's been more and more contentious year after year between landowners and hunters.  But seriously, there's not many places you can trespass on peoples property unless they tell you not to.  You've read this far, so click here to read Mike McFeely's very complete November 17, Ag Week article. Seems pretty clear this will change just like flipping a light switch.   Because, science right?

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