What a unique chunk of real estate hiding there in the shadow of the Memorial Bridge.

It's neither Mandan nor Bismarck-

It's the township of Captains' Landing and they want nothing to do with y'all.

Formed in 1980, Captains' Landing started with just three homes and a population of 8. By the 1990 census, Cap-Land (trademark pending), had grown to 115 residents including political heavy-hitter Heidi Heitkamp.  The Bismarck Tribune reports that the former United States Senator has lived there since 1985. Here's more from that article-

Residents pay no Mandan city taxes. Three supervisors, a clerk and a treasurer run the township, which does its own street maintenance. The Morton County Sheriff's Office patrols the township, which has 58 homes. Children attend Mandan schools.

The township lies not only in the shadow of the Memorial Bridge but also beneath the iconic railroad bridge.  A bridge that is scheduled to be destroyed after BNSF finishes construction of its replacement.  Friends Of The Rail Bridge is a group of area citizens fighting to re-purpose the bridge into a walking/biking path.

If you want to join the effort click here to find out more.

I would be surprised to find out the sequestered citizens of Cap-Land would want people to have that kind of direct access to their hidden township. As it works out now you have to take Marina Road north of Moritz Sport and Marine travel under the bridge until you come to the fork of Captain Marsh Drive and Captain Leach Drive. The area is named Captains' Landing after these two historical Missouri Captains. That's why the apostrophe goes after the s in Captains'.

As the sign says "No Through Road"

So there's one way in and one way out. If after reading this article you go down to investigate Cap-Land, don't tell them I sent ya.  I don't want to get on Heidi's bad side.

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