Ok, here is something fun and halfway interesting to do if you have a couple of minutes to spare. My sister loves TikTok, I find it kind of frustrating - I mean all you get is 10 seconds of someone's video, and that's it. I need more substance than that. I find YouTube very entertaining, you can find almost anything in the world on it. I even tried to learn "How to tie a tie" - the keyword here is TRIED. So while sitting at my desk this afternoon, I thought what better way to get to know Bismarck, North Dakota than heading to YouTube. I simply typed in the search window 'Bismarck, North Dakota'. Here are the top 5 videos that came up:

1) Bismarck, North Dakota - The Top Places You Need To See!

This video from #NORTHDAKOTA #BISMARCK #SNOW was a no-brainer to me - and it was taken from only a month ago - so that appealed to me, it wasn't outdated or anything like that. Here are some places maybe even North Dakotans aren't too familiar with.

2) Simplistic at its finest.

This next video is only 9 months old as well - here is just a simple relaxing video - driving around town - see how many places you can recognize. I'm guessing whoever shot this video took us out on his or her favorite route. I'm ok with this, it sets the tone for a laid-back lifestyle (at least that's how I took it)

City Drive #020 Bismarck, North Dakota

3) Here is a perfect video of just why we live in Bismarck, North Dakota

If you have been living here a while, you already know all the cool things about our city - this is your perfect road map, if you will, for people considering moving here. So after this video, will we see a population boom? You be the judge.


4) Shopping, Dining. and Nightlife in Bismarck, North Dakota

Now keep in mind this video is 7 years old - So with that being said there may be some places that are not with us anymore, and that's to be expected with restaurants. Who knows, maybe you will see your stomping grounds on here.


5) Top 10 reasons Not to move to North Dakota # 1 won't shock most

Ok, this one surprises me a bit - listen I told you I would give you the top 5 videos that came up on YouTube about 'Bismarck, North Dakota'. I guess I should have expected not all of them to be all nice and fluffy. You will notice that this guy brought out the obvious, our weather. He pretty much made fun of it through the whole 4 minutes and thirty-five seconds. What he didn't point out is the change of seasons here is beautiful - clean air, and people who love the outdoors. I'm ok if for some reason he doesn't live here in Bismarck, that's one less negative person we have to put up with.

World According To Briggs.


Well there you have it, you may or may not agree with some of these videos. We all have our reasons why we live here.




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