Talk about an easy way to get some joy in your heart! Here's how you can do it...

Donate a toy to Toys For Tots.

Years ago I was involved in many events with this organization. One year, my group of radio stations were onsite broadcasting in a shopping mall 24/7 during the week before Christmas collecting toys for Toys For Tots.  We were like zoo animals in a glass mall kiosk, I was also the overnight guy so it was a lot of floor cleaners. BUT, we brought in toys by the tons, and I can tell you- they were distributed to the most thankful families you'd ever meet. Witness the process and it changes your Grinch heart.

So, I'm pleased to invite you to share in the real joy of giving, as Menards in Bismarck has dedicated the entire month of November to Toys For Tots.

menards logo

So that earns them a LOGO don't ya think? This from a Menards press release.


In the spirit of Christmas, your local Menards home improvement stores are proudly serving as a Toy Drive drop site. We’re excited to participate in this wonderful opportunity to put smiles on the faces of less fortunate children in the community. We’ll have a drop box near the exit door to collect new and unwrapped presents from now through the end of November.


It's great to have an organization as impactful as Toys For Tots, located in a place where there are so many generous shoppers.  Kids this year have spent a lot more time at home, which get's in their heads.  Parents have had to spend a lot more time at home, which puts a big dent in their Christmas budget.

It's a simple way to say you understand this year's challenges, and help out the best you can. Christmas may mean many different things to us all, but if you can help make it more memorable for kids, you've done a great thing indeed.

Stay well y'all.

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