The burning question as of late, "Did you receive your stimulus check?"  The money has been showing up in Americans checking account, like a tooth fairy dropping off a quarter under pillows all around the country. The relief plan was talked about, debated over, then finally agreed upon by our heroes-the U.S. government. Do you have plans for what you're going to do with your money? The logical thinking by most is to buy groceries, essentials. The reality is that most people have the money spent before they even get it, which seems pretty normal to me. Our economy is in such bad shape, we're all just trying to do the best we can to get by.

What if you FINALLY got your check and President Trump say's "Hey how are the kids? Great, umm I need that check back please". That's the dilemma Harvard University is facing, except their check was JUST a tiny bit more-as in $8 MILLION DOLLARS. I'm guessing if they try and play dumb "Ummm what check?"-it probably won't work. Check out this ongoing story here.

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