Remember when North Dakota temperatures were far below zero? UND's letting everyone know just how nice it was to reach at least 39 degrees above zero.

For at least a few days, we've been able to get a break from the chill of the harsh North Dakota winters. One simple tweet from the University of North Dakota let everyone know just how nice that was.

That's exactly what a North Dakota heat wave is and UND couldn't have said it any better. Parts of North Dakota had experienced -40s last week and now we're just about 40 degrees above zero. In fact, at the time this is being written (roughly 4:45 p.m.), it's currently 41 degrees in Bismarck. Let's all enjoy it while it lasts.

Even throughout this next week, the National Weather Service in Bismarck forecasts high temperatures to be 5 to 10 degrees higher than normal.

At least for now, the North Dakota winter weather isn't so bad (**knocks on wood**).

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