A new report ranks the University of North Dakota as the No. 10 school for Adult Learners.

The report comes from Washington Monthly Magazine that releases rankings to compete with US News & World Report. The US News & World Report rankings are consistently criticized for various reasons.

However ranking schools in the category of 'Adult Learners' is rare. Washington Monthly looked at factors such as ease of enrollment, amount of students enrolled over 25, the earnings of adult students a decade after entering college, among other factors to rank the best schools for adult learners.

The University of North Dakota came in ranked at No. 10. So if you never got the opportunity to complete the college degree or even start it, apparently UND is a good place to go to pursue that four year degree.

Of course you can never be too old to go to school. According to the report, 17% of students at UND are over the age of 25.

Washington Monthly also ranked college in general, just like US News & World Report does, and on the general list, the University of North Dakota was ranked 202 overall. NDSU was ranked 222 overall and 28th on the Adult Learners list.

You can see the full rankings and their methodology here.

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