The University of Minnesota announced the reinstatement of a mask mandate for all of the university's campuses.

According to Star Tribune, the University of Minnesota announced today (August 2) that, starting August 3, students and staff at all of the university's campuses will be required to wear masks. If you remember what happened when the pandemic started, North Dakota seemed to follow Minnesota's coronavirus cues pretty closely. So, will North Dakota universities soon reinstate campuswide mask mandates?

Will North Dakota colleges soon reinstate mask mandates?

If you are thinking, "That can't happen! It is now the law that masks can't be required in North Dakota," you would be wrong. Back in April, Governor Burgum vetoed a bill that made it so state officials could not put mask mandates into place again. The veto was overturned. So, while the North Dakota government can't place that kind of mandate on people, but that does not stop schools from putting mask mandates back into place.

BismarckTribune reports that the cases are North Dakota are on the rise because of "the fast-spreading delta variant and continued vaccine apathy." With cases increasing and others states reinstating mask mandates, it seems like it is only inevitable that mask mandates will be back in North Dakota. Whether government officials have the power to enact them or not. I think we can deal with masks, but the country does not need another major shutdown.

How do you feel about the reactions to the delta variant of coronavirus?

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