News broke recently that the Budget Inn Express in Bismarck is about to give its final wake-up calls.

I spoke to the manager who confirmed that the downtown hotel at 122 East Thayer Ave in downtown Bismarck is indeed closing at the end of this month.  All employees received an email from the current owners that employees and guests need to be out by March 31st.

The manager confirmed to me that the Budget Inn Express motel had been sold.  However, the manager was not able to confirm the motel may eventually be torn down.

Since then, I was contacted by the Lander Group which will ultimately make the final decision on the future of the Budget Inn Express.

According to Elizabeth Sorenson, who is the property manager for the Lander Group, they are doing their due diligence as we speak on the property.  That means inspections and surveys are taking place right now.  They expect to close on the property at the end of March.

The Lander Group said there are two likely scenarios concerning the Budget Inn Express in Bismarck.

According to my phone conversation with Elizabeth Sorenson, she said the building could end up a complete teardown and turned into a multi-family property.  It could also end up a combination of commercial property on the first floor and apartments on the 2nd floor.

The Lander Group is owned by Michael Lander who is from Grand Forks, North Dakota.  They are currently developing two other properties in downtown Bismarck, The Renaissance Lofts, and the Grove Appartements.

Both of those housing units are expected to be open on June 1st.  I will have a preview of how those units look for you very soon.

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