Urban Harvest is a neighborhood gathering that celebrates food, music, family, and fun.  When I say "neighborhood" I mean anyone in the region that wants to gather in a show of community pride.

But how can such a fantastic social gathering exist in a summer of social distancing?

Seems it cannot.

Organizers have wisely suspended the 2020 Urban Harvest season. So gone will be the bountiful farmers market.  Gone are the young theater groups putting on their shows in downtown Bismarck.  Gone are the many talented musicians that graced us with their wonderful talents.  Gone is the communal spirit of the event that seems needed at this time more than ever.

Wait, I take that back- the spirit is far from gone. It lives in the comment section of Urban Harvest's Facebook announcement.  It lives in it's supporters understanding of the reality we are facing this year. To see the comments, make sure to click on the announcement.

Caring about others in the community is a cornerstone of Urban Harvest.  From the weekly spotlight they provided for area charities to the always underlining theme of shopping local.  The comments you see throughout their Facebook pages show  amazing resiliency to the usual riot gear response so many people seem to use on social media. Usually there's a flood of blind backlash that blames all the imaginary forces they believe responsible for knocking their sucker in the dirt.

But no...instead there's a show of support for those organizers that had to make such a difficult decision.  Compassion for community and a solidarity of sadness for summer afternoons not to be realized.

The communal spirit of Urban Harvest will be just fine and ready to gather once again in 2021.

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