Some serious rain is falling as I write this article over parts of Burleigh and Kidder county.  Unofficial rainfall totals near Tappen, North Dakota are near 4 inches.  Over 2 inches has fallen in Steele, North Dakota about 40 miles east of Bismarck.  That storm also featured some decent size hail that forced traffic on I-94 to stop or seek shelter under bridges to avoid the ice.

Here's that video courtesy of our partners at KFYR-TV. (Turn your volume up!)

Storms remain mostly stationary over parts of Burleigh and Kidder counties. Expect much higher rainfall totals in these areas. Places like Hazelton to just east of Linton up to west of Napoleon over to Steele are getting pounded with some much needed precipitation.  Storms are wrapping around up towards Wing and over towards Wilton.

Meanwhile, we can't buy a drop of rain here in Bismarck.  Actually, that's what I saw,  a few drops on my windshield as I came out of the YMCA at lunch.  We so desperately need some rain in the city.  Maybe we should all go wash our cars or something?  Maybe then, we might actually get a much needed rain.  I'm trying to grow some grass in my sandy soil south of Lincoln, without much success, and it's costing me a fortune.  Mother Nature, PLEASE a little help.  Not to mention all of our farmers and ranchers who desperately need some moisture for their crops or animals.  Let's pray it comes soon.

Meanwhile, if you're under one of those thunderstorms, soak it all in.  We all need it.



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