Here kitty kitty.   A mountain lion has been sighted in Bismarck today around 12:30 pm in the 1000 block of N 4th Street.  Animal Control, Police Officers, and the North Dakota Game and Fish are currently in the area looking for the mountain lion.  The Mountain Lion was originally sighted on a security camera around 5:00 am on the 16th in the 1000 block of N 1st Street.  Bismarck Animal Control responded around 12:00 pm to take the call, but it was unable to be located by Animal Control.

 According to a press release from the Bismarck Police Department, Bismarck Police are actively looking for the mountain lion and are asking the public to contact 911 if it is seen.  Please do not approach the animal.  Additionally, if you are surprised by the mountain lion, it is advised to make yourself look big, yell loudly, and back away from it.

Bismarck Police will coordinate with the ND Game and Fish Department, and update the public as more information becomes available.

This is an active situation.  We will update you when we get more information.

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