Seems when your grandma keeps saying the world today is going insane, she may have a pretty valid point. According to the Fargo Forum, Here's the basic layout for what Fargo police encountered early Friday morning.

Man in gorilla suit brandishing a machete threatens to blow up apartment building.  He gives himself up to police after hours of negotiations.
Here's a pic of the alleged perp from iNEWZ/YouTube.


This is not the first out-of-place animal sighting this week in Fargo. Both Thursday and Friday, a wayward moose was on the loose wandering the streets in Fargo looking for his bison buddies since he "herd" they were playing this weekend.

Meanwhile in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington, there was a mountain lion hit by a car. Check out the great story from Bismarck's Hot 97-5.  The big cat was so out of place in southern Minnesota, authorities are even speculating the cougar may have been a pet! A thought, I believe is even crazier than a monkey with a machete. Not a big fan of playing kitty chase the laser with a puma in the parlor.

I'm doing some speculating of my own about what finally pushed the man in the gorilla suit over the edge. He may have been upset at the cancellation of the Fargo Marathon this year...

Getty Images

Also probably upset that only family was allowed to attend the weekend's Bison game.

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And the final straw, his lady friend makes him do ALL THE HOUSEWORK!

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King of the jungle indeed.

It's a strange world.  Y'all stay safe.

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