My 80-plus year old dad is not feeling that hot...

I have no reason to believe he's suffering from COVID symptoms. But, if he needs an old person bed, can he find one?  Y'know, a room where they pump him full of antibiotics and steroids, all while putting the fear of God into him of being stuck in the system.

We all know "the system". You check in, and you never check out. Good news old guys- YOU CAN'T CHECK IN! Which is perfect for those that feel they are on the way out. None of that bullshit in the nursing home, just a straight way out.

But, that is putting an increasing burden upon family care givers. Medicine is a real thing, especially when administered through an IV.  It does wonders. But, no such wonders are available at home. Why won't you eat? Steroids, go a long way for appetite. It's true for my old poodle puppy Brody...he's on the juice and on the mic!


He's been eating like a pig when on steroids-he has a bit of a collapsed trachea, lets all wish him well.  He wants to eat sooo much, that he bugs us soooo much...

Neilson Barnard
Neilson Barnard

So, away from the "grouchy" always hungry poodle, and back to my dad.

I feel he's in a very serious situation...but due to COVID, he doesn't have too many options.  He could have a bounce back, but in a stressed system, we may not be able to see that. It's a question of beds. So, even if you don't feel the corona virus in your lungs, you may feel the effects of it on your mortality. Meaning, care options are possibly less available.

Plus, my dad doesn't want to go off to a place where he may never see us again.

We are all of us sad. Growing old sucks.

Stay well y'all.

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