Here's a list of some North Dakota favorite foods:

After a long day, one can struggle with what to eat at night. As the snow falls on us this weekend, I thought I'd share a list of foods from of some North Dakota favorite dishes that might create some inspiration or might have you rolling out to Krolls. We'll try to be a little different today, so we'll leave out Walleye and Knoephla, because well, DUH...

  • Fleishkuekle- Back east we have Jamaican beef patties, but here there's this Russian German dish that looks awesome dipped in mashed potatoes. YUM!
  • Hot Dish - This looks similar to a cross between a meat pie and pot pie but you know on a cold day like today ... It would taste so good!
  • Goulash- I can't believe they have this here! I thought originally this dish was Hungarian but it's actually from the Scandinavian countries. This is a mac and cheese on steroids.
  • Kuchen- For dessert, this German-style cake comes in all types of fruit flavors.

So, there are some ideas. If you would like to see the entire list of foods with pictures, here's a link to




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