We used our Facebook page and asked where the worst traffic or intersection is in the Bismarck-Mandan area, and did you tell us!

Scott Olson / Getty Images
Scott Olson / Getty Images

With summer in full swing, and traffic cones and construction areas all over the city, we figured now would be a good time for you to vent and tell us the worst intersection or street in the area. We asked and there was no shortage of comments.

From Dawn -Any lane that has a left turn signal!! Bismarck drivers tend to go through it until "the line"is done, regardless of whether the light is now red or not.

From Ashley-Main Street because they should of left it the way it was

Heather-Worst stoplight in Mandan is right by the Stage Stop on 3rd ST SE and 6th Ave SE when you're going west or east bound.

Brea- Ave C and 5th St. There are car accidents there all the time

Linda- 43rd Ave and N 19th St.

Bruce-The McDonald's in Mandan.

Rachel - Leaving Twin City Estates to get on to the strip turning left to head towards Bismarck.....ridiculous

Kaylee-Any stop sign intersection on Rosser Ave... Too many cars parked along the street can never see when to pull out

Did they leave one out? Let us know and thanks for your responses.


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