Everyone has their favorite pizza place in Bismarck/Mandan

This shouldn't be a delicate question, but for many people it is. Some (like myself? are very picky about their pie. I like thick crust and have had difficulty finding any place in town that makes it just right - as a matter of fact, I used to order frozen pizza from Chicago, hoping that it would be authentic THICK - but really, all in all, it was just frozen (Blah). There are the masses that just LOVE pizza period. I promise you I won't sway your decision to cast your vote - and remember this if you don't see your favorite place listed below, go ahead and let me know. Your vote does count.

So I was just curious what Google had in store when I wrote in the search line "Best pizza places in Bismarck"  - Both tripadvisor.com and yelp.com had A & B pizza and Nardello's pizza on their top ten list. Check back later and see how your vote compares to everyone else.


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