It's coming up on four years of Republican politicians living in fear of becoming a Presidential tweet target. Three plus years of carefully choosing the right words that won't rock the boat.  Our entire Congressional delegation emerged out of hiding last week to back the President, and more importantly, his supporters, on one more kamikaze flight of folly to the floor of the Supreme Court. Well, maybe not the "floor"- but they made it to the porch steps. Welcome back guys!

House Republicans Attend Leadership Election Candidate Forum
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But, like a hermit who hasn't spoken a word aloud for nearly four years, your first conversations could probably use a little refinement. Having been laying low for so long, Senator Kevin Cramer should have maybe eased into answering questions. Here's a  recap of how Kevin answered a pretty simple yes/no question on Monday.

Some reporter:

"So, Senator Cramer, would you say Joe Biden is now President-elect?"

Senator Cramer:

"Well, it seems to me that being elected by the Electoral College is a threshold where a title like that is probably most appropriate and it's, I suppose you can say official, if there is such a thing as official President-elect, or anything else-elect. And there's an inauguration that will swear somebody in and that person will be the president of the United States, but whether you call it that or not, you know, there are legal challenges that are ongoing -- not very many -- probably not a remedy that would change the outcome but, so, I don't -- again I don't know how politician refers to another politician but it does look to me like the big race is really between the inaugural committee and the Justice Department at this point so we'll see how the emails turn out."

My, oh my...

I always knew the inaugural committee would come in to play somehow.  But I thought it would be picking out flowers and making decorations.

Not to make light of anyone actually suffering from a real psychiatric "syndrome", but this could be a syndrome symptom of something, well let's call it...Twitter Terror.  Twitter Terror is when career politicians can't find the words that are right there in front of them.

The answer was "yes".

Monday, North Dakota's three Electors voted...

All three Electors chose President Donald Trump, which reflected the same choice as about 65% of North Dakota voters.

Did Donald Trump win North Dakota?

The answer is...yes.

Stay sane y'all.

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