YIPES! 'Stache and KC get after the AOC! What does that even mean?

It means I get to use my favorite political nickname- 'stache. I know he's a Senator, but John Hoeven is one of the few US Legislators with any fur on his face. I have always admitted I love the guy and feel that Mrs.'Stache is pretty cool too.  Just saying, his upper lip ain't been clean since he was fourteen. If you've got pictures- show a non 'stache pic in the comments.  Or not...don't embarrass the guy.

Sens. Corker And Hoeven Speak On Immigration Reform Bill
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So what is the New Green Deal?  Okay...

It's all right here....might be 14 pages long but we'll all wait for ya to get back.

Don't ya feel better now that you read it all and can make an educated decision about your opinion?

Heck no...that's why we elect people.They and their interns and clerks go figure it out, and bring it back to us.  As the duly elected representatives of the great state of North Dakota you have to tell us what you think of the whole thing.

Maybe put the kids to bed, our representatives are about to get a little rude...this from KVRR...

“The Green New Deal would cost trillions in taxpayer dollars and bankrupt our country” Sen. John Hoeven said.

“At the same time, it calls for eliminating traditional energy sources that provide good-paying jobs and affordable energy for our homes, businesses and the economy.”

Bankrupt our country? That's just one of our Senators.  Wait, told ya it got harsh. So what's K.C. coming in with?  Oh, he's heard the narrative.  KVRR has him here...

“The Green New Deal would ruin the economy, bankrupt the nation, and destroy America’s energy and national security while still failing to lower emissions” according to Sen. Kevin Cramer.

“The Green New Deal is not a serious proposal. It’s a pipe dream” Cramer said.

Hey now....

For all of North Dakota's interests, both Senators John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer seem to be doing a nice job echoing the sentiments of their constituents. After all, isn't it why they're elected?

PS...These days, it's a lot less easier being a Governor. Less gimme home run balls.

Sorry Doug.

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