Ahhh...Mandan. You know I know y'all. You know I l love ya! But do you know why Mandan will still rule the 4th of July?


Wow, that's quite a list. But absolutely what makes Mandan the ruler of the 4th of July is that you can ignite anything you want in your front yard! Well, anything but bottle rockets and lanterns which are banned. If you think that seems unfair to bottle rockets, than you must of never been in a bottle rocket fight before. In a bottle rocket fight, every shot is aimed at the other kid's head. Injuries and crying are the only way to crown a true winner. I've not been out to Lincoln for the 4th of July, but I imagine it's much the same as Mandan. Mandan just tips the scales with more events planned even in a COVID-19 world.

Now Bismarck is contemplating getting in the fireworks fun next year. I would suggest Bismarck residents who are on the fence about legalizing fireworks in the city should pay a visit to either Lincoln or Mandan during the weekend of the 4th. Y'know just to witness the carnage first hand. People are proposing that Bismarck should go from not being able to light snakes on the sidewalk to launching roman candles at that one neighbor you don't like. Plus, there's the July 5th hangover which involves massive firework debris in the streets, smoldering hedges, and a dog that won't come out from under the bed for a week.

Have a great Fourth of July everyone!

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