A topic of conversation erupted a while back in the hallway of our radio station - Will a strip club ever attempt to open in Bismarck? I grew up in San Diego, and there were several locations spread out all over town where 'Gentleman Clubs ' were available. A place for men, and women to go to enjoy some "Adult Entertainment". Now that's where city codes begin and are followed. Cities all across the country have different rules and regulations when it comes to nudity and serving alcohol - for instance, Findlaw states this :

    Local ordinances often regulate whether alcohol may be served at a strip club in accordance to how much nudity is allowed. Clubs that allow full nudity sometimes are prohibited from selling alcohol, while clubs requiring dancers to cover their genitals often may serve alcohol (and usually are restricted to those 21 and older).

There were some North Dakota cities that dabbled around a bit with some clubs, but laws put an end to that. At one point Williston had two, Fargo had one, heck even Mandan had three. In 2008, Minot approved an ordinance that banned strip clubs from heavily industrial areas. Washingtontimes added, "The ordinance also enforced that those businesses be about three blocks from another similar business and from churches, schools, child-care facilities, hospitals, parks and playgrounds".

So Bismarck/Mandan, will you ever be able to break away from your conservative ties and allow those who wish to enjoy adult entertainment, feel free to do so? Only time will tell if that will ever happen here.


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